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Our Story

Schmidt Construction is a family owned general building firm with over 70 years of experience. The art of building has been passed down over three generations and a passion for fine craftsmanship is in our genes. Our highly educated and skilled team has focused on maintaining a reputation for the highest quality in design & construction and a level of professionalism unparalleled in the industry. Santa Barbara is our home, and we thrive on enhancing the community in a sustainable way for future generations to enjoy.

Bruce Schmidt at Schmidt & Schmidt Construction in Santa Barbara, CA

Bruce Schmidt


Born and raised in Burbank, CA, Bruce enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served in Viet Nam. Upon his return from service he obtained his Bachelors of Science from UC Santa Cruz and then went on to complete his masters degree from UC Berkeley.

After working as a planning consult in the health industry, Bruce shifted his career and began working as a project manager and planner for his family construction firm in the Los Angeles Area. In 1978, Bruce branched off from the family business to start his own company, which ultimately became Schmidt & Schmidt Construction Co., Inc.

From 1980 to 2000, Bruce operated the business from Ojai, where he was raising a family; however he had satellite offices throughout the state: Long Beach, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. In 2001, Bruce moved the headquarters of the business to Santa Barbara in order to expand the business and take advantage of the creative culture Santa Barbara offers. Beyond his construction interests, Bruce is a musician, a poet, and loves cooking.

In 2010, S & S received the “Santa Barbara Contractor of the Year Award” from the City of Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Contractor’s Association for a house that Bruce designed and built.

Cate Schmidt at Schmidt & Schmidt Construction in Santa Barbara, CA

Catherine Schmidt


Cate grew up in Ojai, CA watching her father turn outdated spaces into incredible homes, and always enjoyed tagging along to job sites and meetings. She moved to Washington DC to attend American University, where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology. After several years living and working on the east coast, Cate could no longer ignore her desire to return to sunny California and rekindle her passion for business and design.

Cate joined the family business in 2011, bringing her background in research psychology and government contracting. While seemingly unrelated, this background has allowed Cate to approach building with an acute eye for detail and an equal passion for both organizational structure and creative design.

When not working, Cate enjoys cooking, hiking the many trails in the Santa Barbara Mountains and walking her dogs at the beach. She finds inspiration in everything Santa Barbara has to offer.

Ryan Heinberg at Schmidt & Schmidt Construction in Santa Barbara, CA

Ryan Heinberg


Ryan has been with S & S CO since 2014. He brings a wide array of talent and experience to the team in matters both finance and field related. After graduating from Duke University in 2005 and acquiring his MBA, Ryan worked with a number of growth oriented businesses as their CFO, structuring and guiding them through critical phases. Utilizing his investment background, Ryan enjoys building tangible value for clients into their homes and workspaces.

Ryan believes that creating a unique environment in which to live and work is the biggest investment one can make, and he approaches project management with that in mind. When he is not on the jobsite, you’ll likely find him doing anything water related: surfing, diving, or fishing.

Sara Matteson

Finance & Operations

Sara Matteson manages Schmidt Construction’s finance department and operations. She focuses on strategic priorities with a unique and valuable outlook. She came to Schmidt Construction excited about the opportunity to help the business grow and incorporate concepts she learned while earning her Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara. From HR practices to promoting company growth, she is constantly looking for creative ways to fuel innovation and success. Away from work, Sara enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and two dogs.

Josh Niedermeier at Schmidt Construction in Santa Barbara

Josh Niedermeier

Project Manager

A Marine Corps veteran, Josh Niedermeier joined Schmidt Construction in 2016 and shines in his role as project manager. Josh has spent his time overseeing commercial and residential projects of various sizes. Having self-performed most of the major trades he is invaluable to this team. His experience, along with his adventurous nature makes him willing to undertake new and daring ventures. Clients appreciate Josh’s professionalism and consider him a friend. A self-proclaimed tree hugger, Josh spends his free time backpacking in our local national forests and is also an avid painter.